Gambia är ett land där folket är vansinnigt idrottstokigt. Men hur intresserade är de egentligen av vår egen hockeyallsvenska?
Faleijs Finest vidgar vyerna!
Huvudsyftet med Faleij Finest är att vara en virtuell samlingsplats för fans i förskingringen, med betoning på dem boende i Mälardalen. I denna artikel vidgar vi dock vyerna, och undersöker intresset för superallsvenskan i allmänhet, och Mora IK i synnerhet på en plats bortanför de kanske mest vanligaste hockeyallsvenska allfarvägarna.

Efterdyningarna till den omtalade Insuincidenten gjorde skribentvalet synnerligen enkelt. Det fick bli Metal Guru som tvingades packa tandborste och rakhyvel, för att i tropikhjälm låta sig transporteras bort i ett enmotorigt Cessnaplan. Efter åtskilliga stopp för bränsle- och vätskepåfyllning ändades den vådliga resan i Serekunda, Gambia.

Intervjuerna - där sakkunskapen kanske får en del av er att höja på ett ögonbryn - är autentiska, och för att inga nyanser ska gå förlorade är de ej översatta från landets officiella språk. Turligt nog för Faleij Finest's ordinarie läsekrets är det dock varken Wolof eller Mandinka som ni får läsa.

Metal Guru,
från Local Host - ett NIC nära dig.

Black Army Rules
As a true AIK fanatic, I cannot understand how the Hockey Association can allow the northen Skelleftea team to continue misuse our name. What they've done for years is a true shame.
My AIK has done the Super Allsvenska far better that expected, when you're looking at the troubles we've had in the ground series. However, I've never doubted or denied the AIK sign - the mighty Black Army will always rules!
The sudden success of the Mora team makes me glad, because that is one of the few teams that have maintain their hockey culture through the years. I'm always eager to hear the outcome of the matches between the two teams, because it is always so even.
Since the Hovet Arena is too far away, I've never been able to see such a clash.

Sarjo Nije, Bar Owner, Cape St Mary.

The Internet Follower
Mora IK has always been my favorite team, but before the Internet era it was really hard to follow the Red Machine. It was not too long ago there were seasons when I first saw a pre season article in the Aftonbladet paper - then some half year later not but the final table in a lost Dagens Nyheter in a wast hotel reception.
Though the Internet infrastructure in not yet fully built up in this country, it has made it a lot easier to follow a team far away from your own surroundings. Now I am with Ross, Ring and Back as my own brotheres - and I know with my heart the current position in the Super Allsvenska is very well deserved.

Waa Juwara, Brufut.

Old Heroes
I adore those old heroes, like Firsov, Orr and Tumba. They were all bright stars that many of us will remember. But the greatest of them all, Lill-Strimma is my all time favorite. Unfortunally he's not with us anymore, and he left us far too early. That day, hockey lost an icon.
Mora was one of his teams, and surely one of those I follow with intense. May he rest in peace.

Momodou Jabang, Fajara.




Cucumber Team
We've been with the Vasteras Cucumber Team since a long time ago, but it has not always been such a happy days as nowadays. What have happened after the team's economic disaster was a total darkness. The Curre legacy was like your own Randy debacle, but far more deeper - yes, in fact bottomless beyond recognition.
Our team disintegrated into nothing at all. But like a miracle Vasteras was reborn in the lowest division - we still don't have a clue how the Phoenix could rise from the ashes. We climbed division for division, and now we're here. However, we're not yet ready for the final lap, but the day of triumph would surely come one day or another. This season's goal is just to establish the team on this second level of National Hockey.

We're so proud of what Per Backman has achieved so far with the Cucumber's. He's the man to take us all the way - maybe next year with a returning Lidstrom in the rooster.
You know, Backman has been rised from the same soil as the other Super Coach of the 2004 Allsvenska, Harald Luckner.


Belema Bah and Kabirou Nyato, Busumbala.

The Angel Island Team
Rogle is my team in the World of Hockey. In the pre season everything looked so fine, so great. The results, the new torpedo system, the well known and nationwide respected Waltin coach... But when the serial started, we lost our confidence. The spiral went downwards, accelerating. Another unexpected loss gave another lost piece of confidence, which gave another shaky performance.
The season has now become a total waste, and we're found ourselves fighting for staying on the Allsvenska level.
Not even the short fuel injection of Nasvall could help us break the circle. Actually, I'm surprised the man dared to touch swedish ice. That wrong wife story should've brought him all the way to our country instead of narrow Skane or Italy. But on the other hand, there's no Gambian team at all to join.

Talking of the Super Allsvenska, half way through Mora now got the league in a tight grip. They've defeated most of the Norra teams, and standing up for the Sodra flag is what counts. When I cannot be happy for our own season, this is probably what I will remember of 2003/04. Or will my beloved Rogle have a late wake up call, and find the entrance to Play Off and reach the Kvalserie through the back door?

Lamin Jum, Banjul.

Ice Culture
Football is the national sport of the Gambia, but we have also became a hockey loving country. A lot of scandinavians has throughout the years brought us this ice culture to us, and we've developed it further.
The main league Elitserien is - sorry to say - a bit boring. There are too many matches to watch, too few teams to follow - and if you don't fail your season completely, you'll end up playing for the cup anyway.
The series below is far more interesting. It is here the real nerve thrills.
And for Mora IK, this promises to be the best season since the Boork years, when the team was really close to reach the Elitserie.
You're really close to this year's Kvalserie now, and I promise you when you've got Leksand there, the Internet terminals over here will glow of pure excitement!
Luckner and boys, go for it!

Ebrima Banda, Bakau